Get to Know Us

Interdruk SA has been contributing to the printing market in Poland since 1991. It is a company that is continuously developing and modernizing, transforming from a small, local operation into one of the biggest printing houses in Poland.

The Interdruk plant is located in Garwolin, 60 km from Warsaw. The printing house occupies 10 hectares of area that includes a 40,000 sqm production hall and 12,000 sqm of warehouse space. The Interdruk sales office is located in the center of Warsaw, on the thirtieth floor of the office building at Lucka 15. 

The company boasts the continuous modernization of its machine park, which consists of over 250 machines and other equipment. This includes eight fully-automated lines making possible closed cycle production from the roll of paper to the finished product. Printing is performed on six modern Manroland offset machines. During the production season, the company dispatches several hundred palettes of finished products designed for the Polish and foreign markets each day. Annual production uses paper of a total length sufficient to encircle the earth twelve times over.

Interdruk is capable of completing even the most non-standard and large volume jobs thanks to:

Significant production potential,

Openness to innovation, and

Continuous investment.

Interesting facts

A total of 65,000,000 notebooks each year

made at a rate of five notebooks per second.

Twelve Interdruk products

per each and every pupil in Poland in 2016.

A total of 35,000 tons of paper

where 3,000 tons of waste paper is shipped back for recycling.

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