We have everything for school and office

Noster – for writing / erasing / drawing / painting / gluing / stapling

The Noster brand joined the INTERDRUK portfolio in 2017. Thanks to this, we can offer you a full gamut of school and office supplies, including:


  • Writing supplies – ballpoint pens, pencils, and markers, 
  • Coloring pencils, wax and poster crayons, and pastels, 
  • Poster, watercolor, glass, and acrylic paints as well as brushes, 
  • White out, glues, scissors, erasers, and pencil sharpeners, 
  • Compasses and geometry sets, 
  • Staplers and hole punchers, 
  • Folders, 
  • Pencil cases, 
  • Creative supplies: coloring books with templates, decorative foam, corrugated cardboard, facial paints as well as for paints for finger painting, glitter glue,  glitter, etc.

NARA gluten-free modelling clay

Gluten–free modelling clays are products made of natural ingredients, which makes them safe and environmentally-friendly as confirmed by international quality certificates. A broad offer for both children and professionals.
Interdruk SA is the only distributor of the NARA brand in Poland.

Why NARA products are worth choosing:

  • gluten–free modelling clay – nontoxic and non–soiling for the hands,
  • a series of products made exclusively of corn,
  • a broad range of sets and models,
  • a broad color gamut from six to twenty-four,
  • the possibility of combining colors – the modelling clay mixes perfectly creating new colors,
  • a variety of attractive package sizes ranging from 50 g to 550 g, 
  • a large assortment of additional elements (tools, scissors, and molds for art-related play), and
  • bonuses – many sets with attractive additions.

Today’s ballpoint pens for everyone

Today’s Writing Instruments Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of high-quality ballpoint pens. The company has been in existence since 1990. It produces 1.2 million ballpoint pens each day that are sold in twenty countries. Interdruk SA is the sole representative of the Today’s brand in Poland.


Why  Today’s ballpoint pens are worth choosing:

  • Oil-based ink guaranteeing smooth writing, 
  • Patented Swiss ball that is resistant to impact, 
  • Unique needle end, 
  • Ability to write on slippery surfaces, including textures, 
  • A variety of ink colors, 
  • Length of writing line up to 800 m, 
  • Excellent quality to price ratio, and 
  • packaged in packs of  ten to thirty pens.

Foldermate polypropylene folders 

FOLDERMATE in a manufacturer of high-quality products for archiving and storage. The brand is known for creativity, interesting designs, uniqueness, and environmental friendliness as confirmed by FSC certification. Interdruk SA is the sole representative of the FOLDERMATE brand in Poland.


Why Foldermate products are worth choosing: 

  • Very high manufacturing standards, 
  • Attractive designs and colors, 
  • Various methods of closing, 
  • A5, A4, and A3 formats, 
  • Made of high-quality materials that can be wholly recycled,
  • Stiff covers to protect documents against damage or wetting.